We want to say one thing very clearly. Our project is still at the beginning. There is a lot to do and therefore a lot of creative freedom. The property we live on is rented with the right of first refusal and we would like to buy it as an association at the end of 2023. We are exactly where we want to be, we feel right at home and have many, many opportunities and freedoms here. There is still a long way to go until the end of 2023. We therefore ask everyone who comes to us to support us not only with energy, but also financially. Those who join us do not buy themselves in, but support our vision, the community and help to create a place where freedom can be lived.

The money you own is the instrument of freedom. The money one chases after is the instrument of slavery.

Jean- Jacques Rousseau

Donations for projects

We are about to found a non profit organisation. The required statutes are currently competing with the other work to be done. If you are interested, contact .

Contributions by visitors

Basic living costs

A family of 4 needs around 850 € per month (all inclusive, with room) , or 650 € per month (all inclusive) with us This includes the shared use of common rooms, hot showers, toilets, parking spaces, living room, kitchen, children’s room, grill, sandpit, hammocks, our olive grove and permaculture garden and much more later. If you come with larger Bedouin tents, yurts or similar, please register in advance so that we can find a suitably large space. Single parents e.g. with a child you need about 600 € or 400 € without a room.

We like to cook and eat together. We appreciate the opportunity for daily exchange. Of course, everyone is free to retreat to a quiet place while eating or to cook for themselves or their family from time to time. However, we prefer to see our visitors participate in community life.

Project contribution

Everyone who visits us and wants to support us in setting up the project, we ask monthly for a voluntary project contribution / material money. The usual rate is around 100 € / month . This contribution serves to promote projects, to acquire materials, be it for the expansion of our play area, handicraft material or for seeds and tools for the self-sufficient garden.

Permanent residents

We can currently only safely offer permanent accommodation until the end of 2023. We are currently far from having collected the purchase price of Villa Villecolla and still need some support. Before you cut all the ties to your old life, be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Until the end of 2023 there is still a lot of time to be clear about whether you want to be with us permanently. Of course we are happy about everyone who wants to join the closest circle of the oathlings and supports us in implementing our vision. In the worst case, if everything goes wrong, we had a good time together and will then look for another place with our yurts, construction wagons and Bedouin tents where we can start over with a larger core group. In the best case, the place we have created is a contact point for like-minded and motivated people who have defied all doubts and can create anything together.

Financial resources should not be a selection criterion, but each of us will need a small income before and after buying the property. We will never become 100% self-sufficient even if we have a permaculture garden, water retention landscape, solar collectors and looms. Whether you have an online business, workshops that take place here or seasonal work abroad, please think about how you can survive in the long term without making yourself completely dependent on the community.

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