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Hilfe beim Klettern
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Hilfe beim Klettern
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Free Learning
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Vision for a free life

Our vision for a free life is based on 5 pillars. This includes a strong community , happy children , free learning , closeness to nature and continuous development . We would like to answer the increasing demand for alternative life models with our model. We want to distinguish ourselves from extreme and dogmatic approaches and offer an option that is suitable for everyone who wants a self-determined community life. More about our vision and our pillars …

Freedom is surrender – surrender to a self-chosen idea.

Carl Ludwig Schleich

Project timetable

  • 2024 – Build clay and straw bale houses
  • December 2023 – Buy property and villa Kunterbunt
  • TODO
    • Set up yurts, construction wagons, Bedouin tents
    • Build an outdoor kitchen, sauna, pizza oven
    • Swimming pond / water reservoir
    • Organize natural construction workshops
    • Build an indoor playground / chill area
    • Design an outdoor playground
    • Build a mud kitchen
    • Create a self-sufficient permaculture garden
    • Repair the driveway
  • June 2021 – Teaser Video created
  • May 2021 – We have chicken
  • April 2021 – Trash of previous owner removed
  • March 2021 – Garden with watering system set up
  • February 2021 – Bungalow Mandarini renovated
  • January 2021 – sandbox created
  • January 2021 – repair work done
  • December 2020 – moving into the Villa Villecolla

Frequently asked questions

Who are we, how do we live, how old are the children … take a look at frequently asked questions to get to know each other a little better. Structure

With our horde of wild peoplings we need structures. It starts on a small scale with the daily morning check-in so that everyone knows what is coming up. Once a week we deepen our emotional bond in the heart circle and roll stones out of the way together. In the children’s conference, the children help decide which projects we will tackle next or which learning opportunities they would like to see in the weekly program. More about our circles, areas and probationary period …


We want to say one thing very clearly. Our project is still at the beginning. There is a lot to do and therefore a lot of room for maneuver, but we need both practical and financial support. More about our finances and contributions …


We want to grow as a community. We still have rooms free for this. Either for short term visits, or for longer. Here you can find the rooms that are available at the moment. Your share of the rent depends on the duration of your stay.

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