• Camping / Van space

    The cheapest option we can offer. You can choose between a shady spot in the olive grove or a breathtaking view on the ionian See from the hill. You can use the communal rooms, as well as water, electricity and Wifi in the main house.

    Rates from 5,00€ per night View room details
  • Olivia (Double Room with Bathroom)

    Olivia offers a lot of space and a panoramic view of the Ionian Sea. You can watch the sunrise from your bed and let the first rays of the sun wake you up.

    Rates from 10,00€ per night View room details
  • Mora (Bed Camp)

    Those who like bed camps in an alpine hut will find a cozy alternative in Mora. The whole room is a big bed on two levels and invites to cuddle up, cozy games and sleepover parties. Mora is ideal for a group of older kids or a large family who love to sleep together.

    Rates from 10,00€ per night View room details
  • Mandarini (Bungalow)

    Mandarini is the right choice for those who like it cozy, but a little more modern and want their own space. A large oak tree provides shade for a pleasant atmosphere even in summer. A hammock and swing invite you to relax.

    Rates from 10,00€ per night View room details
  • Limoni (Double Room)

    If you are outside most of the time and only want to sleep in your own double room, you will find a cozy spot in Limoni. Lying on the side facing away from the sun, you can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing siesta here, even on hot days.

    Rates from 7,00€ per night View room details
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