Hilfe beim Klettern

With our horde of wild people we need structures. It starts on a small scale with the daily morning check-in so that everyone knows what is coming up. Once a week we deepen our emotional bond in the heart circle and roll stones out of the way together. In the children’s conference, the children help decide which projects we will tackle next or which learning opportunities they would like to see in the weekly program.


In principle, anyone can participate in all areas. Although we like to indulge in dreaming, one thing goes without saying for us: the basic living must be ensured before we start working on projects.

areas of patiki

Hammer Design

With this area we pick up visionaries, hobbyists and creatives. Whether swimming pond, indoor climbing frame, trampoline landscape, wood-workshop, horse stables, toboggan run. With us you should be able to let off steam, both children and grown-ups. With our experienced project managers, we have already completed many projects that are close to our hearts.

Volleyball Events

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčevents includes entertaining entertainment of all kinds. From half-day heart circles (sharing circles), performances by theater and music groups, hiking trips to the nearby river bed, the beach or the mountains and forests, to natural construction workshops lasting several weeks. We have already done a lot and our free learners are always enthusiastic about new impulses from our visitors.

Watering can Company

This area includes basic services and everyday tasks. The (learning) accompaniment of our little tikilings is just as important to us as food and drink and the care of the house and garden.


Our growing tribe is organized in different circles. Everyone who joins us can decide how much he or she wants to contribute to the community. Each circle brings with it different tasks and privileges.

 patiki tribal circles
patiki tribal circles

Schwalbe Tikilings

All tribe members are Tikilings. Anyone who has ever visited us, only shows up seasonally or supports the tribe from afar, at least stays tikiling.


Snufflings are members of the tribe who come by now and then or regularly. This also includes volunteers, workawayers or day visitors.

Kolibri Creatlings

Whoever visits us for a long time is usually alone and finds something in which she / he would like to contribute. Createlings are members of the tribe who participate practically and financially in the design of projects and daily life.

Biene Oathlings

Oathlings are practically part of the family and enter into a solid partnership with the tribe. Each Oathling cares for the tribe, the tribe cares for every Oathling. The Oathlings shape the culture and organization of the tribe and ensure its long-term well-being.

Trial period

If you want to live with us permanently, then we would like to get to know you exactly. Depending on how intense our interaction and communication takes place, we want to take our time and see how it feels with you. You too should take the time to get to know us. Many long for a free life, but not all of them know what to do with it or after a while they feel uncomfortable without supposed security. Take your time to arrive, find something you are passionate about, people with whom you get along well, only then make up your mind. Plan at least 2 months for this.

Be courteous to all, but familiar with a few, and examine these few carefully before you trust them. True friendship is a noble plant that grows slowly and must be tested and secured by the warmth of adversity before it deserves to bear the beautiful name of friendship.

George Washington
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