Villa Panorama

Our vision is based on 5 pillars. This includes a strong community, happy kids, free learning, closeness to nature and continuous development and networking. We would like to answer the increasing demand for alternative life models with our model. We want to differentiate ourselves from extreme and dogmatic approaches and offer an option that is suitable for everyone who wants a self-determined community life.


Human relationships are what make our lives unique and worth living. With this in mind, with our vision we want to offer the young and the young at heart a safe place for a harmonious coexistence. To make this possible, we attach great importance to intensive communication and consideration for the needs of our residents. We want to create a place where people share knowledge, food, work and responsibility for one another. Everyone does what they like to do and the more we are, the better we complement each other. We welcome everyone who wants to embark on the adventure of community and become part of our family.


We want to focus on children and their well-being. This includes physical, psychological and cognitive aspects. We would like to support self-motivation as much as possible. All fundamental decisions of our vision and this project are weighed against the central question: “Is this good for the children?”

Free learning

Everyone, big or small, has different strengths, interests and passions. We want to create a place where everyone can go on a journey of discovery to find themselves and a self-determined life. Through inspiring people, impulses of knowledge, skills, passion and the support of their development, we want to give every child and adult the opportunity to discover their own path in life.


We humans are closely connected to nature. Being outside has a positive effect on body, mind and spirit, which is especially important for young people. We want to strengthen the connection with nature, on a daily basis. For us, this includes removing obstacles in order to facilitate contact with nature. We want to create a place that allows you to live, play and learn in nature. We dream of a village of tree, mud and straw-ball houses, an adventure playground, a pond, and much more.


We would like to bundle and build on the experiences made so far by self-taught and free-learner families. Our vision is to break new ground for the education of our children and to make them accessible to others. For us, this includes being in contact with other communities, alternative schools and parents who already have an alternative education for their children. The aim is to create a space for experimentation and research in which everyone can discover the world, the community and themselves.

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